Investment in Nepalese Stock Market

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Recently, there has been a steady increase in public interest in Nepal’s stock market. Observe people in Kathmandu talking about anything; there must be one, two, or more people interested in the stock market. But what exactly is it? In essence, a share is a piece of a company’s ownership. Therefore, purchasing or selling shares … Read more

How To Make Everyday Profit From Stock Market In Nepal

Make Everyday Profit From Stock Market In Nepal

As per the report, the total equity value of the world’s stock is more than 48.1 trillion U.S Dollars by the third quarter of 2021. So the stock is one of the world’s biggest markets. Generally, in the developed countries stock market is taken as a country’s economic growth. However, in developing countries, it is … Read more

Mutual Funds In Nepal

Mutual Funds In Nepal

A mutual fund is a popular fund in the financial market. It is an investment scheme issued by a particular company. Certain companies issue the shares to the general public and collect money from people and invest that money in long and short-term instruments. In short, It is an investment scheme managed by a company … Read more

Stock Market Crash In Nepal

Stock Market Crash In Nepal

Price uncertainty is the major feature of the stock market. The stock’s market price is dependable on the company’s information. If a company publishes positive information then the particular stock price will rise and vice versa. Currently stock market is witnessing a bullish market all over the world. Although a bullish market gives a lot … Read more

Top 5 Development Banks Listed in NEPSE

Top Five Development Banks Listed in NEPSE

Four types of financial institutions are categorized in Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE). Nepal Rastra Bank symbolized Commercial bank ‘A’, Development Bank ‘B’, Finance Company ‘C’, Microfinance ‘D’ respectively. Commercial, Development and Finance company’s market price is relatively lowered than microfinance. Here, in this article, we present information about the five best development banks in Nepal … Read more

Monetary Policy and its Impact on NEPSE

Monetary Policy and its impact on NEPSE

Monetary policy is a policy made by the central bank of a particular country to control the supply of money in the economy. Monetary policy plays a significant role to control inflation and deflation of the country. It helps to gain high economic growth with price stability. Here, we discuss monetary policy and its impact … Read more

5 Most Expensive Stocks Listed in NEPSE

5 Most Expensive stocks Listed in NEPSE

Unofficially share trading in Nepal was started after Biratnagar Jute Mills and Nepal Bank Limited issued shares to the public in 1995 BS. Official share trading was started with the establishment of the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE).  NEPSE was started in 2050 BS. There are more than 250 companies are trading stock every day in … Read more

Microfinance In NEPSE

Microfinance In NEPSE

Micro-finance is a financial institution, which provides the microloan to the low individuals or group to generate the basic income source. Furthermore, this type of financial institution is popular in developing countries such as Bangladesh, Uganda, Nepal, and Serbia. Although microfinance has a long history, it became popular in 1970. Muhammad Yunus started the modern … Read more

Top 5 Blue Chip Company Of Nepal With Minimal Spending

Top 5 Blue Chip Company Of Nepal With Minimal Spending

Blue Chip company are those company which has the best management team, a long history, good reputation and goodwill in the market, great sustainability, and sound financial performance. Investment in the blue-chip company is the safest landing for the investor in a bullish and bearish market. In short language, this type of company is the … Read more