Relationship Between Finance Ministry and NEPSE Index

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Introduction The Ministry of Economic and Planning was formed by the Nepali government in 1963. (MEP). The MEP also has the duty of managing the nation’s economic issues in addition to developing periodic plans. Even though institutional protocols and mechanisms to mobilise foreign contributions in a coordinated manner were lacking, the MEP was given the … Read more

Investment in Nepalese Stock Market

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Recently, there has been a steady increase in public interest in Nepal’s stock market. Observe people in Kathmandu talking about anything; there must be one, two, or more people interested in the stock market. But what exactly is it? In essence, a share is a piece of a company’s ownership. Therefore, purchasing or selling shares … Read more

Introduction of SEBON and NEPSE

Introduction of SEBON and NEPSE

Here, we provide detailed information about the SEBON and NEPSE and their role in the Nepalese stock market. Although SEBON and NEPSE both have their own responsibility, SEBON has to approve the company to trade in NEPSE. Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) SEBON stands for Security Board of Nepal. It was established by the Government … Read more