About Us

This website gives information about the Nepalese Financial Market. This website aims to illustrate more about the scope of the share market and commodity market in Nepal.

We provide all the solution about where to invest, when should invest, and why need to invest.

Our mission is to provide the right information related to stock and financial market to right people at right time. Our vision is to provide the long term solution for investors with comparative and detail information.

Generally, we publish articles on 7 main categories, which are listed below:

  • Banking
  • Investment
  • IPO
  • Nepali Market
  • Stock Dividend
  • Stock Market
  • Financial Job Vacancy

On the Banking category, we publish blog posts related to banking industry of Nepal. Here we also provides information related to banking stocks.

On the Investment category, we help investors by providing various tips & tricks related to investment. We help investors to understand the basic terms and terminologies too.

On the IPO category, we publish the notices of latest upcoming IPOs including detail analysis of companies that are offering IPO to general public.

On the Stock Market category, we provide blog posts on how to start trading in stock market, how to invest in stock market, and how to choose a best company. We also list top companies to help stock marketers to get a good company for investment.

On the Stock Dividend category, we publishes notices of dividend and bonus share provided by various companies to its shareholders.

On the Money Market category, we publish posts related to money market, commodity market and capital market.

On the Financial Job Vacancy, we publish latest job vacancies of various Banks, Financial institution and Microfinance companies.

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