Initial Public Offer (IPO) of Upper Hewakhola Hydropower

Upper Hewakhola Hydropower Company Limited (UHKHPC) is a hydropower project located in Sankhuwasava district with the 8.5MW and completed by Barun Hydropower. This is a public company started in March 13, 2012. Firstly, it was incorporated as a pvt. Ltd but later in June 6, 2018 it was registered as a public company. The hydro company is going to issue the IPO to its public from the Ashad 24, 2079. The company is going to issue 30% to the public and 10% to the local people of Sankhusabha district. After the share issue to the public the hydro company’s paid-up capital will be 50 Crore. The UHKHPC IPO detail are as follows:

Issuing Shares: 15,00,000

Price Per Share: Rs 100

Share for Employees: 30,000 Shares

Share for Mutual Fund: 75,000 Shares

Share for General Public: 13,95,000 Shares

Minimum Share can Place: 10 Shares

Maximum Share Can Place: 1,00,000 Shares

Rating from CRNL: BB (which means moderate risk of default regarding the servicing of financial obligation in Nepal)

Company’s EPS: (4.49)

NMB Bank Limited, Nepal Bank Limited, and Agriculture Bank Limited is the investor of Hewakhola Hydropower. The company is expecting a profit from 2023.

The company is good for investment. As per the current Nepalese IPO trend there will more than 1.5 million IPO applicants. So, it will be wise decision if you apply only 10 shares.

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