Top Stock Broker Companies in Nepal

Stockbrokers are professional traders who buy and sell shares on behalf of the customers. In Nepal, stockbrokers are licensed by the Securities Board of Nepal(SEBON). More than 250 companies are trading their shares every day in NEPSE.

There are intermediaries between stock buyer and seller which are called stockbroker. Brokers are the mediator between buyer and seller. Playing the role of mediator between buyer and seller is the major function of a Stock Broker. Broker-less transactions are not allowed in Nepal.

The major functions of stock broker in Nepal highlighted by following points:

  • Buying and selling shares as per the customer’s order.
  • A Stock Broker can act as a market maker.
  • The stock can not purchase the stock as their own company’s name or as a company’s director, chief, employee name.

A stockbroker is allowed to do cash transaction only with the bank and its not allowed to use client’s any document or cash for own purpose. According to the regulation of SEBON, the paid-up capital of the broker should be more than 2 crores.

There is more than 40 stockbroker and they are expanded over 21 cities of Nepal. Also, one side of the investor pressurized SEBON to issue the broker license to banks to expand the capital market of Nepal.  

S.N.Broker CodeBroker Name
11Kumari Securities Pvt. Limited
23Arun Securities Pvt. Limited
34Opal Securities Investment Pvt. Limited
45Market Securities Exchange Company Pvt. Limited
56Agrawal Securities Pvt. Limited
67J.F. Securities Company Pvt. Limited
78Ashutosh Brokerage & Securities Pvt. Limited
810Pragyan Securities Pvt. Limited
911Malla & Malla Stock Broking Company Pvt. Limited
1013Thrive Brokerage House Pvt. Limited
1114Nepal Stock House Pvt. Limited
1216Primo Securities Pvt. Limited
1317ABC Securities Pvt. Limited
1418Sagarmatha Securities Pvt. Limited
1519Nepal Investment & Securities Trading Pvt. Limited
1620Sipla Securities Pvt. Limited
1721Midas Stock Broking Company Pvt. Limited
1822Siprabi Securities Pvt. Limited
1925Sweta Securities Pvt. Limited
2026Asian Securities Pvt. Limited
2128Shree Krishna Securities Limited
2229Trishul Securities And Investment Limited
2332Premier Securites Company Limited
2433Dakshinkali Investment and Securities Pvt. Ltd.
2534Vision Securities Pvt. Ltd.
2635Kohinoor Investment and Securites Pvt. Ltd.
2736Secured Securities Ltd.
2837Swarnalaxmi Securities Pvt. Ltd.
2938Dipshikha Dhitopatra Karobar Co. Pvt. Ltd.
3039Sumeru Securities Pvt. Ltd.
3140Creative Securities Pvt. Ltd
3241Linch Stock Market Ltd.
3342Sani Securities Co. Ltd.
3443South Asian Bulls Pvt. Ltd.
3544Dynamic Money Managers Securities Pvt. Ltd.
3645Imperial Securities Co. Pvt. Ltd.
3746Kalika Securities Pvt. Ltd
3847Neev Securities Pvt. Ltd.
3948Trishakti Securities Public Limited
4049Online Securities Pvt. Ltd.
4150Crystal Kanchanjungha Securities Pvt. Ltd.
4251Oxford Securities Pvt. Ltd.
4352Sundhara Securities Ltd.
4456Sri Hari Securities Pvt. Ltd.
4553Investment Management Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
4654Sewa Securities Pvt. Ltd.
4755Bhrikuti Stock Broking Co. Pvt. Ltd.
4857Arya Tara Investment And Securities Pvt. Ltd.
4958Naasa Securities Co. Ltd.
5059Deevyaa Securities & Stock House Pvt. Ltd
51D01Nagarik Stock Dealer
5226-RWSAsian Securities Private Ltd.

These are the Stock Broker of Nepal and a couple of them are new. Nowadays, almost all brokers are allowed investors to their transactions online. All broker has their own TMS. Because of the TMS system, new government policy, and minimum interest rate bank, the Nepalese share market is in a bullish trend. Currently, every day more than Rs 10 Arba share amount are traded in the NEPSE floor sheet.

Before 1 year ago the broker commission was really but recently SEBON issue regulation about deducting the broker commission.

The new broker commission is as follows for equity shares:

S.N.Transaction AmountCommission
1Rs 50,000 or less0.4%
2Rs 50,001 to Rs 5,00,0000.37%
3Rs 5,00,001 to Rs 2,000,0000.34%
4Rs 2,000,001 to Rs 10,000,0000.3%
5Above Rs 10,000,0010.27%

There is different commission rate for mutual fund shares and Corporate bonds/Debentures

S.N.Transaction AmountCommission
1Rs 5,00,000 or less0.3% or Rs 25
2Rs 5,00,001 to Rs 5,000,0000.25%
3Above Rs 5,000,0000.20%

The broker commission rate for all kinds of bonds issued by the Government of Nepal, Nepal Rastra Bank, and government agencies:

S.N.Transaction AmountCommission
1Rs 5,00,000 or less0.2% or Rs 25
2Rs 5,00,001 to Rs 5,000,0000.10%
3Above Rs 5,000,0000.05%

In India bank can work as a stockbroker as well because the bank has huge investment so it is more trustworthy as compared to the individual brokerage firm. Nepal Rastra Bank already provides access to banks to provide brokerage services.

In Nepal also, the investor forum pressurized SEBON to issue the brokerage license to banks. Issuing broker license to banks has the following benefits:

  • Banks have higher funds as compare to individual broker firms so it’s easy to get margin loans.
  • Now, broker firms rarely provide the training to people, however, after providing licenses to banks they will give more training to expand their business.
  •  There are few Individual broker firms outside the valley. So, broker license to banks will expand the business of shares it increases the accessibility so that NEPSE will increase.  

Recently, commercial banks are expanding their branches in a rural area as well so, providing brokerage license to commercial banks is also expand the financial literacy all over Nepal. All the individual brokerage firms have a disagreement with providing licenses to banks, but it will be a positive step from SEBON if it happens in near future.

Although trading shares do not have a long history in Nepal, trading amounts and indexes are increasing rapidly these days. Finally, broker firms are playing a significant positive role to develop the overall capital market of Nepal.

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