IPO of Shivam Cement

The management of SHIVAM’s group announces that they are going to issue IPO for the general public. The management team said that they are going to issue almost 52,00,000 shares to the general public. They are going to issue the share at a premium price.

 The Shivam industry will issue the share at Rs 300 for the people who are affected by their industry and at Rs 400 for the general public. The Annual General Meeting held on 25th Baisakh 2078 passed the purpose to issue IPO. Currently, there are 44,000,000 shares of Shivam Cement are listed on Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd.

Last year, the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) gave permission to issue 10% shares of total shares to the general public to encourage the manufacturing and processing industry in NEPSE. So, Shivam Cement is going to issue their 12% of outstanding shares to the general public. The 12% is going to be 52,80,000 shares.

Shivam industry is doing exceptionally well in the market. Today’s market price of Shivam cement is Rs 1500. Their  Earning Per Share is Rs 33 and they have good dividend distribution history as well. In the Fiscal year 2076/77, they provide 24% of cash dividend to its shareholders.

With the aim of expanding their business at the international level, they took FDI and started a joint venture with a Chinese company called ‘Hongshi Group’. In Shivam Cement, the Hongshi group has 30% of the share, and Shivam itself has 70%. So, Shivam Cement is good for investment and it is the best chance to enter into the market for beginners through the primary market. Shivam Cement produces 6000 tonnes of cement daily.

  • IPO :  52,80,000 shares at Rs 300 for local residents and Rs 400 for General Public

Now they have to take the approval from SEBON and fix the date of the IPO issue. Along with Shivam Cement, Arghakhachi Cement also going to issue the shares to the general public soon.

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