Top 9 Listed Companies in NEPSE

Listed companies in NEPSE are only allowed to trade in the stock market of Nepal. Currently, there are more than 260 companies are traded in Nepal Stock Exchange Limited (NEPSE). In Nepal, NEPSE is open from Sunday to Friday where Friday is closed for transactions.

Share are traded in NEPSE from Sunday to Thursday from 11.00 AM to 15.00 PM. There are 9 categories, more than 260listed companies in NEPSE which are as follows:

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Commercial Banks

Commercial banks are listed under the ‘A’ category. There is 27 ‘A’ class bank in Nepal including Agriculture Development  Bank Limited. The commercial bank should issue the specific percentage of share to the general public as a form of IPO to listed in NEPSE.

NEPSE provide the stock symbol to all banks after the allotment of shares which was issued to the general public. The minimum paid-up capital for an A-class bank is Rs 8 Arba. The banking index is 1857 in NEPSE.

Development Banks:  

Development banks are listed under the ‘B’ category of the bank. There are three types of development banks under geographical location which are i) 1-3 district banks, ii) 4-10 district banks, and iii) national level banks.

The minimum paid-up capital for B-level banks is Rs 500 million, 1.2 billion, and 2.5 billion respectively. The regulation about increment in paid-up capital, many development banks were merged and acquisition by other financial institution. The NEPSE index is 3450 of development banks.  

Finance Company:

There are 2 types of financial companies in Nepal which are 1-3 district type and national level finance companies. The base requirement of paid-up capital is Rs 800 million and 400 million respectively.

Micro Finance Company:

Micro-Finances are categorized under the ‘D’ category of the bank. Currently, there is 49 micro finances are listed in NEPSE. The market price of microfinance in the NEPSE floor sheet is relatively high as compared to another type (Commercial, development, and finance)  of financial institution.

Lower outstanding shares, less supply of shares, and high return of cash dividend and bonus share to shareholders is the major reason for the high price of microfinance shares.

Hotel and Tourism:

There are three hotels and one tourism place are listed in Nepal. There were just three hotels before, but recently Chandragiri Hills issued IPO to the general public so this company also added under the hotel & tourism sector.

S.N.SymbolCompany NameListed SharesRecent EPSMarket price as on 27th May 2021
1OHLOriental Hotels Limited11,280,904.00-24.96Rs 455
2SHLSoaltee Hotel Limited73,267,011.00-2.16Rs 212
3TRHTaragaon Regency Hotel Limited18,860,197.00-9.28Rs 322
4CGHChandragiri Hills Limited15,340,910.00-15.74Rs 1795

Because of the Corona Pandemic hotel and tourism sector are in great trouble because the international flight is not allowed and people are afraid to go another place to visit so hotel and tourism sector are bearing the heavy loss.

So, Nepal Government should bring different packages to boost the country’s hotel and tourism sector. Although all hotels and CGH have negative EPS, they are traded in the market with competitive prices and CGH with a high price.


There are four investment companies are traded on the NEPSE floor sheet. All the companies are traded at high market prices. A limited supply of shares in the market and a high return to investors is the major reason for being high market price.

S.N.SymbolCompany NameListed SharesRecent EPSMarket price as on 27th May 2021
1CITCitizen Investment Trust29,999,308.0026.31Rs 4003
2HIDCLHydorelectricity Investment and Development Company Ltd110,000,000.00  5.16Rs 578
3NIFRANepal Infrastructure Bank Limited200,000,000.00  3.93Rs 530
4NRNNRN Infrastructure and Development Limited11,649,635.00  1.97Rs 748

 As comparing with EPS, all stock market is higher but all companies have great future and investor believe they will get the good return in near future.


Currently, there are 40 companies are listed in NEPSE under the hydropower category. Many hydro companies are in pipeline to issue the IPO for the general public. RURU Jalvidut Pariyojana limited, Butwal Power Company Limited, Chilime Hydro Power Company Limited, Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Limited is the top hydropower company for investors in Nepal.

Most of the hydropower is in a loss situation. Furthermore, ineffective management system, less working progress, weak regulatory body, much politics inside the company is the major reason of hydro company being financially weak.  

S.NSymbolCompany Name
1AHPCArun Valley Hydropower Development Co. Ltd.
2BPCLButwal Power Company Limited
3CHCLChilime Hydropower Company Limited
4NHPCNational Hydro Power Company Limited
5SHPCSanima Mai Hydropower Ltd.
6RHPCRidi Hydropower Development Company Ltd.
7HURJAHimalaya Urja Bikas Company Limited
8AKPLArun Kabeli Power Ltd.
9BARUNBarun Hydropower Co. Ltd.
10APIApi Power Company Ltd.
11NGPLNgadi Group Power Ltd.
14UMHLUnited Modi Hydropower Ltd.
16SPDLSynergy Power Development Ltd.
17KHCLKhanikhola Hydropower Co. Ltd.
18HPPLHimalayan Power Partner Ltd.
19DHPLDibyashwori Hydropower Ltd.
20MHNLMountain Hydro Nepal Limited
21CHLChhyangdi Hydropower Ltd.
22NHDLNepal Hydro Developers Ltd.
23RADHIRadhi Bidyut Company Ltd
24KPCLKalika power Company Ltd
25RRHPRairang Hydropower Development Company Ltd.
26GHLGhalemdi Hydro Limited
27PMHPLPanchakanya Mai Hydropower Ltd
28HLHGreenlife Hydropower Limited
29AKJCLAnkhu Khola Jalvidhyut Company Ltd
30LECLiberty Energy Company Limited
31SHELSingati Hydro Energy Limited
32PPCLPanchthar Power Company Limited
33SSHLShiva Shree Hydropower Limited
34JOSHIJoshi Hydropower Development Company Ltd
35UPPERUpper Tamakoshi Hydropower Ltd
36UNHPLUnion Hydropower Limited
37HDHPCHimal Dolakha Hydropower Company Limited
38MENMountain Energy Nepal Limited
39UMRHUnited IDI Mardi RB Hydropower Limited.
40RURURu Ru Jalbidhyut Pariyojana Limited

Life Insurance:

There are 10 life insurance in Nepal and a couple of insurance are in pipeline to issue the IPO for the general public. National life insurance company limited, Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited, Life Insurance Corporation Nepal Limited, and Surya life insurance company limited is the dominant company in the life insurance sector.

The minimum paid-up capital requirement for life insurance is Rs 2 Arba and many companies are still not meet the minimum benchmark of capital requirement. PLIC, LICN, ALICL, SLICL, and GLICL still require to meet their paid-up capital and GLICL still need more than 1 crore amount to meet their benchmark.

S.NSymbolCompany NameListed SharesRecent EPSMarket price as on 27th May 2021
1NLICLNational Life Insurance Company Limited33,908,892.00  12.68RS 1275
2NLICNepal Life Insurance Company Limited
9.38RS 2095
3LICNLife Insurance Corporation Nepal Limited22,110,000.00  9.27RS 2385
4ALICLAsian Life Insurance Company Limited20,107,607.00  12.08RS 1490
5PLICPrime Life Insurance Company Limited24,170,570.00  12.61RS 975
6SLICLSurya Life Insurance Company Limited22,628,945.00  17.15RS 1034
7JLIJyoti Life Insurance Company Limited
7.32RS 842
8PLIPrabhu Life Insurance Limited20,000,000.009.19RS 819
9GLICLGurans Life Insurance Company Limited19,755,846.00  7.04RS 859
10RLIReliance Life Insurance Limited21,000,000.004.18RS 725

Non-Life Insurance:

There are 18 non-life insurance companies are listed in NEPSE. According to the regulation of Beema Samiti, the base paid-up-capital requirement for non-life insurance companies is 1 Arba. The NEPSE index of non-life insurance is 14452 which is so higher as compared to the overall NEPSE index.

S.NSymbolCompany NameListed Shares
1NICLNepal Insurance Company Limited12,423,386.00
2UICUnited Insurance Company(Nepal) Limited10,281,600.00  
3HGIHimalayan general Insurance Company Limited11,003,366.00  
4EICEverest Insurance Company Limited11,836,044.00
5PICPremier Insurance Company Limited10,745,600.00
6NILNeco Insurance Company Limited13,174,318.00
7SICSagarmatha Insurance Company Limited10,012,230.00
8IGIIME general insurance Limited11,575,645.00
9PICLPrudential Insurance Company Limited1,085,466.00
10LGILLumbini general insurance Limited11,418,000.00
11SICLShikhar Insurance Company Limited17,561,898.00
12SILSiddhartha Insurance Limited10,000,000.00
13NLGNLG Insurance Company Limited10,963,755.00
14RBCLRastriya Beema Company Limited2,666,390.00
15PRINPrabhu Insurance Company Limited11,619,025.00
16GICGeneral Insurance Company Nepal Limited
17SGISanima General Insurance Limited10,000,000.00
18AILAjod insurance Limited10,000,000.00
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