RURU Hydro Proposes Bonus share and cash Dividend

RURU Hydro Nepal Limited (RURU) recently proposes Bonus shares and Cash dividends to its shareholders. They issued the IPO to the public from 20th to 24th Chaitra 2077. RU RU issued IPO at a premium price. They are one of the good hydropower of Nepal.

As per the unaudited report of Quarter 4, 2077 the major financial indicators are as follows:

Listed Shares:4,077,055
P/E Ratio:99.94
Last Transaction point:RS. 1618

Dividend Declaration

The dividend distribution was decided by the Board of meeting held on Bhadra 01, 2078. They declared a 10.5263% cash dividend (along with tax) for the fiscal year 2076/77. Likewise, they also proposed a 10% bonus share and 0.5263% cash dividend (tax for the bonus share) for the fiscal year 2077/78. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of RU RU will endorse the proposals.

By seeing the current market price of RURU it’s not good to buy this share to grab the bonus share and cash dividend. But in the near future when its market price will be around Rs 1000 it’s good to buy for the long term purpose.

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