Mirmire Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited Announced Bonus share

Mirmire Laghubitta bittiya Sanstha Limited (MMFDB) announced its bonus share to its shareholders. The 213th Board meeting held on 2078-40-30 declared to distribute bonus share. MMFDB started its corporate business in 2009 and is based in Kavre, Nepal. As per the unaudited report of 2078(Q4), The major financial indicators of MMFDB are as follows:

Sector:   Micro-finance
Listed Shares:  43,50,711.60 shares
EPS:Rs. 46
P/E Ratio:41.24
Book Value:Rs. 179.38
Current Market Price:Rs. 1897

All the indicators are good enough and they are spreading their business in a rapid way. Also, they have a paid-up capital of Rs 435,071,160.

Bonus Share

The Board meeting decided to provide the 20% bonus share (amount of Rs 87,014,231) of the current paid-up capital of Rs 435,071,156.50. In 2076/77 and 2077/78 MMFDB completed the merger and acquisition with 2 more financial institutions.

So, there will not be any tax when they provide the bonus share to its shareholders. Therefore, in total MMFDB is providing 20% of the bonus share. Now, they will take the permission from Nepal Rastra Bank and will provide the agenda in Annual General Meeting.

Currently, there is a bullish trend in the stock market. So, the current market price of MMFDB is reliable to buy to grab the bonus share.

Bonus Share of MMFDB for 2077/2078:        20% Bonus share (There is no tax on bonus share for this year)

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